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Figure 1

From: Family-based genetic risk prediction of multifactorial disease

Figure 1

Predicted index disease risk. Predicted index disease risks from a single locus (MAF = 0.425, GRR = 1.25): unconditonal, P(D I ); conditional on index genotype, P(D I |G I ); conditional on affected sibling phenotype, P(D I |D S ); conditional on index genotype and affected sibling phenotype, P(D I |G I , D S ); conditional on index and sibling genotypes and affected sibling phenotype, P(D I |G I , G S , D S ). The inserted table contains frequencies of sibling pair genotype combinations conditional on at least one sibling being affected. Red represents the homozygous risk-increasing genotype; green the heterozygous genotype; blue the homozygous risk-decreasing genotype.

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