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Table 1 Significantly differentially expressed human miRNAs

From: Investigation of post-transcriptional gene regulatory networks associated with autism spectrum disorders by microRNA expression profiling of lymphoblastoid cell lines

Clone ID miRNA log2 ratio P-value
   SM10801 hsa-miR-182-AS -1.54 1.44E-03
   hSQ018350 hsa-miR-136 -1.50 2.28E-03
   SM10637 hsa-miR-518a -1.45 3.52E-03
   hSQ045460 hsa-miR-153-1 -1.41 5.07E-03
   SM11115 hsa-miR-520b -1.38 6.71E-03
   SM10529 hsa-miR-455 -1.30 1.25E-02
   hHM044864 hsa-miR-326 -1.24 1.95E-02
   SM10553 hsa-miR-199b -1.23 1.96E-02
   miR211 hsa-miR-211 -1.23 2.04E-02
   hSQ016068 hsa-miR-132 -1.22 2.20E-02
   SM10792 hsa-miR-495 -1.20 2.43E-02
   hSQ025962 hsa-miR-16-2 -1.19 2.54E-02
   hHM044822 hsa-miR-190 -1.18 2.69E-02
   hHM044960 hsa-miR-219 -1.17 2.98E-02
   hHM045056 hsa-miR-148b -1.16 3.01E-02
   hHM044897 hsa-miR-189 -1.16 3.06E-02
   hHM045063 hsa-miR-133b -1.13 3.59E-02
   hSQ018899 hsa-miR-106b -1.11 4.11E-02
   hHM044849 hsa-miR-367 -1.10 4.21E-02
   SM10740 hsa-miR-139 -1.10 4.32E-02
   hHM044819 hsa-miR-185 1.44 4.04E-03
   hHM044919 hsa-miR-103 1.31 1.20E-02
   hHM044733 hsa-miR-107 1.26 1.68E-02
   hHM044918 hsa-miR-29b 1.24 1.88E-02
   hHM045013 hsa-miR-194 1.22 2.11E-02
   SM10729 hsa-miR-524 1.22 2.21E-02
   hHM044804 hsa-miR-191 1.21 2.23E-02
   SM11334 hsa-miR-376a-AS 1.19 2.53E-02
   SM10789 hsa-miR-451 1.19 2.64E-02
   hHM044971 hsa-miR-23b 1.17 2.95E-02
   miR195 hsa-miR-195 1.16 3.02E-02
   SM10711 hsa-miR-23b 1.16 3.03E-02
   SM10310 hsa-miR-342 1.15 3.24E-02
   SM10644 hsa-miR-23a 1.14 3.36E-02
   hSQ001775 hsa-miR-186 1.14 3.43E-02
   miR25 hsa-miR-25 1.14 3.55E-02
   SM10575 hsa-miR-519c 1.13 3.71E-02
   SM10238 hsa-miR-346 1.12 3.80E-02
   hHM044950 hsa-miR-205 1.12 3.80E-02
   hHM044743 hsa-miR-30c 1.11 3.98E-02
   hSQ027766 hsa-miR-93 1.10 4.18E-02
   hHM045009 hsa-miR-186 1.08 4.67E-02
   hHM044831 hsa-miR-106b 1.08 4.86E-02
  1. Forty-three significantly differentially expressed human miRNAs were identified by Pavlidis Template Matching (PTM) analysis (P < 0.05). The log2 ratios for all miRNAs were calculated from the average of the log2 ratio across all autistic samples over the average of the log2 ratio across all control samples.