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Table 3 Predicted biological functions from Ingenuity Pathways Analysis

From: Investigation of post-transcriptional gene regulatory networks associated with autism spectrum disorders by microRNA expression profiling of lymphoblastoid cell lines

  P-value Number of genes Genes
Diseases and disorders    
   Neurological disease 1.38E-03 to 1.89E-02 8 UCHL1,ATF3,NDP,TUBB2C,KIF1B,TUBB2A,MST1,BCL2
   Inflammatory disease 2.51E-03 to 2.11E-02 16 IL6ST,ADM,TUBB2C,IL32,PIK3R1,TUBB2A,EIF1,ALOX5AP,MMP10,DUSP2,BCL2,GNAI2,HSPA8,FUT8,LDLR,AHNAK
   Skeletal and muscular disorders 2.71E-03 to 1.89E-02 16 IL6ST,ADM,COL6A2,TUBB2C,IL32,TUBB2A,ALOX5AP,MMP10,LARGE,DUSP2,BCL2,GNAI2,HSPA8,CEP290,BMI1,AHNAK
Molecular and cellular functions    
   Lipid metabolism 1.19E-04 to 2.51E-02 13 ADM,IL6ST,ABCG5,ABHD5,IL32,PIK3R1,ALOX5AP,BCL2,GNAI2,IFRD1,LDLR,PRKAR2B,PITPNC1
   Molecular transport 1.19E-04 to 2.51E-02 12 IL6ST,IFRD1,HSPA8,GNAI2,ABHD5,ABCG5,LDLR,PIK3R1,IL32,PITPNC1,ALOX5AP,BCL2
   Small molecule biochemistry 1.19E-04 to 2.51E-02 17 IL6ST,ADM,AMPD3,ABCG5,ABHD5,PIK3R1,ASS1,IL32,ALOX5AP,BCL2,IFRD1,GNAI2,BCAT1,LDLR,PITPNC1,GOT1,GLDC
   Cellular development 1.32E-04 to 2.42E-02 13 IL6ST,ATF3,PIK3R1,ID3,BCL2,IGLL1,IFRD1,ELF3,BMI1,PRKAR2B,PLK2,LAMA1,PLAC8
   Cell death 2.36E-04 to 1.89E-02 14 IL6ST,ADM,ATF3,DDIT4,PIK3R1,NCK1,PSIP1,SH3BP5,ID3,BCL2,PRKAR2B,BMI1,PLK2,PLAC8
Canonical pathways    
   Nitric oxide signaling 1.07E-02 3/90 CACNA1E,PRKAR2B,PIK3R1
   VEGF signaling 1.47E-02 3/92 PIK3R1,EIF1,BCL2
   Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis signaling 1.88E-02 3/108 CACNA1E,PIK3R1,BCL2
Toxicity list    
   Hormone receptor regulated cholesterol metabolism 4.96E-02 1/8 LDLR
  1. IPA of significant disorders, molecular and cellular functions, canonical pathways, and toxicity genes that are strongly associated with 94 differentially expressed potential target genes of the miRNAs (log2 ratio ≥± 0.4). The Fisher's exact P-values and the number of genes for each top biological function are listed. VEGF, vascular endothelial growth factor.