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Table 2 Non-syndromic and syndromic retinal dystrophies and inheritance pattern

From: Retinitis pigmentosa and allied conditions today: a paradigm of translational research

Retinal dystrophy Inheritance
   Retinitis pigmentosa ad, ar, xl, digenic
   Cone or cone-rod dystrophy ad, ar, xl
   Leber congenital amaurosis Mainly ar, rarely ad
   Stargardt disease Mainly ar, rarely ad
   Fundus flavimaculatus ar
   Congenital stationary night blindness ad, ar, xl
   North Carolina macular dystrophy ad
   Sorsby's macular dystrophy ad
   Pattern macular dystrophy ad
   Vitelliform macular dystrophy (Best's disease) ad (incomplete penetrance)
   Choroideremia xl
   X-linked retinoschisis xl
   Gyrate atrophy ar
   Usher syndrome ar
   Bardet-Biedl syndrome ar, oligogenic
   Senior-Locken syndrome ar
   Alport syndrome xl
   Älmstron syndrome ar
   Joubert Syndrome ar
   Nephronophthisis ar, oligogenic
   Cockayne syndrome ar
   Refsum disease ar
   Autosomal dominant cerebellar ataxia type 7 ad
   Norrie disease xl
  1. ad: autosomal dominant; ar: autosomal recessive; xl: X-linked.