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Figure 1

From: Large-scale data integration framework provides a comprehensive view on glioblastoma multiforme

Figure 1

Schematic of the Anduril platform. Anduril is an extensible framework for analyzing large-scale data sets using workflows. Elementary analysis and reporting methods, as well as connections to external databases, are implemented as reusable Anduril components. Components can utilize libraries such as Bioconductor and Weka and are not limited to a particular programming language. Components are then wired into custom workflows, which implement complete analyses that take complex high-throughput data as input and automatically produce comprehensive final reports as result. Reports include generated web sites that show the most relevant features of genes at a glance, and detailed figures and tables produced by analysis methods such as Kaplan-Meier analysis, Gene Ontology enrichment, and so on. Analysis workflows and their parameters are also documented in reports.

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