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Figure 3

From: Large-scale data integration framework provides a comprehensive view on glioblastoma multiforme

Figure 3

Functional effects of knocking out MSN in three glioblastoma and one control cell line. Four MSN targeting siRNAs at a final concentration of 13 nM were transfected with Silenfect (BioRad) transfection reagent to A172, LN405 and U87MG glioma cell lines and the SVGp12 control cell line. (a) Cell proliferation was assayed 72 h after transfection using CellTiter-Glo Cell Viability assay. (b) Induction of caspase-3 and -7 activities was detected 48 h after transfection with homogeneous Apo-ONE assay (Promega). Loess normalized signals from the proliferation and caspase-3/7 assays are presented as relative scores to the mean of lipid-containing wells. Significant P-values < 0.05*, < 0.01** and < 0.001*** calculated by t-test are shown. Error bars indicate standard error of the mean (SEM).

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