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Figure 1

From: Genetically complex epilepsies, copy number variants and syndrome constellations

Figure 1

Three 'common' recurrent microdeletions in epilepsy. Microdeletion of 15q13.3 (1.5 Mb) in a patient with absence epilepsy. Microdeletion of 16p13.11 (800 kb) in a patient with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. Microdeletion of 15q11.2 (350 kb) in a patient with infantile seizures. Regions depicted for each panel are as follows: 15q13.3 deletion: chr15, 28.0 to 31.0 Mb; 16p13.11 deletion: chr16, 15.0 to 16.7 Mb; and 15q11.2 deletion: chr15, 20.2 to 20.8 Mb (National Center for Biotechnology Information Build 36/hg18). Red vertical lines represent array-comparative genomic hybridization probes that are deleted. Segmental duplications are represented by orange, yellow and gray blocks. Note that blocks of segmental duplications flank each deleted region. Genes are represented in blue, with key proposed candidate genes in red.

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