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Table 1 Light and clock-controlled microRNAs

From: MicroRNAs: a potential interface between the circadian clock and human health

Model Organ MicroRNAs Reference(s)
Cell culture   miR328, miR383 [70]
Arabidopsis   miR160, miR167, miR168, miR171, miR398 [63, 64]
Drosophila   miR263 [65]
Chicken Photoreceptors miR26a [78]
Rat Intestine miR16, miR20a, miR141 [76]
Mouse Liver miR122, miR181, miR191 [69, 7375]
  Retina miR96, miR103, miR106, miR124, miR182, miR422 [77]
  Suprachiasmatic nucleus miR219, miR132 [12]
Human   miR182 [81]