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Table 1 Cell surface markers of liver cancer stem cells

From: Role of cancer stem cells in hepatocarcinogenesis

Marker Cell line/primary tumor Reference
Side population Huh7 and PLC/PRF/5 cell lines Chiba et al. (2006) [19]
CD133+ SMMC-7721 cell line, human primary HCC Yin et al. (2007) [20]
CD133+ Huh7, PLC8024, Hep3B cell lines, human primary HCC Ma et al. (2007) [21]
CD133+ CD44+ SMMC-7721, MHCC-LM3 and MHCC-97L cell lines Zhu et al. (2010) [29]
CD90 HepG2, Hep3B, PLC, Huh7, MHCC97L, and MHCC97 H cell lines, human primary HCC Yang et al. (2008) [10]
EpCAM HuH1, HuH7, and Hep3B cell lines, human primary HCC Yamashita et al. (2009) [13]
OV6 Huh7, PLC, SMMC7721, Hep3B, and HepG2 cell lines Yang et al. (2008) [30]
  1. HCC, hepatocellular carcinoma.