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Archived Comments for: Towards a data sharing Code of Conduct for international genomic research

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  1. Thumbs up for the authors, but you overlooked ...

    Kristina Spiller, Gruner+Jahr AG

    4 August 2011

    ...there is actually already one such data sharing model, known as GISAID ( It successfully addresses all the principles & procedures suggested here. Based on a collaboration of bonafide researchers from various disciplines and coordinated/backed by the vision of an influential media executive, the most significant influenza sharing platform proves fittingly the viability of all 7 principles prescribed by the authors. Now hosted by the federal office for agriculture & food in Germany it has emerged into a public-private partnership supported by international cooperation. We need more of these examples to move science forward. The days of public-domain databases as we know them, and their failure to provide transparency of access and usage and accountability are indeed numbered. Harvard's Winhide succinctly summed it up in October 2010:

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