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Table 1 Genome-scale studies of self-renewal and pluripotency in ES cells

From: Embryonic stem cell-specific signatures in cancer: insights into genomic regulatory networks and implications for medicine

Regulators Function Methods Reference(s)
Core factors    
Oct4 (Pou5f1) ES cell core factor ChIP, MS [2732, 44]
Sox2 ES cell core factor ChIP, MS [28, 32, 44]
Nanog ES cell core factor ChIP, MS [2729, 32, 44]
Tcf3 (Tcf7l1) Wnt signaling ChIP [74]
Klf4 LIF signaling ChIP [32, 44]
Stat3 LIF signaling ChIP [44]
Dax1 (Nr0b1) Negative regulation of transcription ChIP, MS [29, 32]
Sall4 Self-renewal and pluripotency ChIP, MS [29, 7577]
Polycomb-related factors    
Ezh2 PRC2, repressor ChIP, MS [78, 79]
Jarid2 Fine-tuning of PRC2 ChIP, MS [78, 79]
Mtf2 Polycomb-like protein ChIP, MS [78]
Suz12 PRC2, repressor ChIP, MS [37, 38, 78, 79]
Eed PRC2, repressor ChIP [37, 38]
Rnf2 PRC1, repressor ChIP [37]
Phc1 PRC1, repressor ChIP [37]
Myc-related factors    
Myc Proliferation ChIP, MS [20, 44]
Max Myc-interacting ChIP, MS [20]
Zfx Self-renewal ChIP [44]
Trrap Histone acetylation RNAi [50]
Tip60 (Kat5) Histone acetylation ChIP, MS, RNAi [20, 50]
Ep400 Histone acetylation MS, RNAi [50]
Dmap1 Histone acetylation ChIP, MS, RNAi [20, 50]
E2F1 Regulator of cell cycle ChIP [44]
E2F4 Transcription activator ChIP, MS [20]
Cnot3 General transcription regulator ChIP, RNAi [80]
Trim28 (Tif1b) Transcription co-activator ChIP, RNAi [80]
  1. LIF, leukemia inhibitory factor.