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Table 2 Studies of embryonic stem cell signatures in cancer

From: Embryonic stem cell-specific signatures in cancer: insights into genomic regulatory networks and implications for medicine

Study Gene sets used in the study Gene set generated by: Tested cancers
Ben-Porath et al. [23] ES cell expression profiles,
Nanog, Oct4, Sox2 targets,
Myc targets,
and PRC targets
ES-cell-specific gene expression, and factor occupancy Breast, glioma, and bladder cancers
Wong et al. [22] ES-cell-like module,
adult stem cell module
Gene module map [81] Liver, breast, prostate,
gastric, and lung cancers
Schoenhals et al. [26] Nanog, Oct4, Sox2, and Klf4 ES-cell-specific gene activity in multiple cancers Multiple cancers
Kim et al. [20] Core module, PRC module, and Myc module Factor co-occupancy within transcription sub-networks Myeloid/lymphoid leukemia, bladder and breast cancers
Mizuno et al. [25] ES cell, iPS cell, PRC2, and p53 ES cell signatures Gene expression profiles Breast cancer
Shats et al. [24] CSR signature Combined gene sets Breast and lung cancers, adenocarcinoma, and medulloblastoma