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Table 1 Advantages of the zebrafish model

From: Hematopoietic stem cells, hematopoiesis and disease: lessons from the zebrafish model

Zebrafish trait/procedure Advantages provided
Externally fertilized, transparent embryos Visualization (fluorescence or morphologic screening); manipulation (morpholino, DNA, RNA injection)
Blood circulation by 23-26 hpf Rapid initiation of hematopoiesis
Sexual maturity at 3 months Short generation time for increased genetic manipulation and transgenic development
Large clutch size (100-200 embryos per pair or 10,000+ embryos per mass mating) Increased likelihood of success for low probability genetic crosses/transgenic development; massive clutches of synchronized embryos make large-scale screening protocols possible
Conserved hematopoietic system Relevant model for comparison with human/mammalian systems
Fluorescent and confocal microscopy procedures Increased visual resolution resulting in greater potential for hematopoietic fate mapping
Transplantable kidney marrow Ability to perform competitive transplantation assays screening for molecules capable of enhancing HSC development and engraftment and hematopoiesis
  1. hpf, hours post-fertilization; HSC, hematopoietic stem cell.