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Table 1 AMD classification scheme

From: Systems-level analysis of age-related macular degeneration reveals global biomarkers and phenotype-specific functional networks

AMD classification Alternative name AREDS level [42] Rotterdam grade [41] Description Donors per classa
Normal   1 0a No features of AMD 31
MD1 Pre-AMD 1 0b Hard macular drusen (< 63 μm) only 7
MD2 Sub-clinical pre-AMD 2 1a Soft, distinct macular drusen (> 63 μm) 4 (1a only)
    1b Macular pigmentary irregularities without soft drusen  
Dry AMD Dry AMD (non-GA) 3, 4b 2a Soft, indistinct (> 125 μm) or reticular macular drusen 17
    2b Soft distinct macular drusen (> 63 μm) with pigmentary changes 17
    3 Soft indistinct macular drusen with pigmentary changes 17
GA Geographic atrophy 4a 4 Sharply demarcated area of apparent absence of the RPE (> 175 μm) involving central macular region 2
CNV Wet AMD 4a 4 Sub-retinal choroidal neovascularization 4
GA/CNV   4a 4 Geographic atrophy with choroidal neovascularization 3
  1. aNumber of Iowa cohort donors per AMD classification group.