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Table 1 Summary of the results from the simulated dataset using different numbers of controls

From: Rule-based induction method for haplotype comparison and identification of candidate disease loci

  Number of controls
  10 60 110 160 210
Percentage of results that included the mutation (%) 100 100 100 100 100
Percentage of mutation loci in the top hit (%) 46 43 37 38 37
Mean length of haplotypes (number of SNPs) 629 546 441 410 383
  1. The number of controls was varied from 10 to 210, and the number of cases was kept at 11. We analyzed the data using a 100 SNP window and a threshold of six for cases and three for controls. The precision suffered with the decrease in the number of controls. The percentages of datasets that included the mutation, the percentage of mutated haplotypes as the top hit and mean length of haplotypes were calculated from the 100 simulated datasets.