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Table 1 Clinical, genetic and biochemical comparisons of XP, CS and UVSS

From: UVSSA and USP7: new players regulating transcription-coupled nucleotide excision repair in human cells

Sun-sensitivity Yes Yes Yes
Skin cancers Yes No No
Progressive neurological degeneration Yes/noa Yes No
Developmental abnormalities No Yes No
Ageing Yes/noa Yes No
UV-DNA repair deficiency Yes Yes Yes
ROS-DNA repair deficiency Yes/noa Yes No
Complementation groups 7 2 3
Involved genes XPA to XPGb CSA and CSB CSA, CSB and UVSSA
  1. aSome XP patients exhibit XP and CS (mutated on XPA, XPB, XPD and XPG). bSeven genes are involved in XP. CS, Cockayne syndrome; ROS, reactive oxygen species; UV, ultraviolet; UVSS, UV-sensitivity syndrome; XP, xeroderma pigmentosum.