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Table 2 List of somatic coding point mutations and small indels

From: Cancer of the ampulla of Vater: analysis of the whole genome sequence exposes a potential therapeutic vulnerability

Genomic position and allelesa Gene ID Codon change Amino acid consequence SIFT prediction
Chr1:71831141G/A NEGR1 503C>T T168I Damaging
Chr1:149227247C/T ANXA9 760C>T R245C Damaging
Chr1:156702726C/A OR10K1 751C>A H251N Damaging
Chr1:220801358G/T TAF1A 1211C>A A404D Damaging
Chr1:226621463T/G OBSCN 19592T>G F6531C Not scored
Chr1:238137913G/A CHRM3 539G>A R180Q Damaging
Chr2:49235000G/A FSHR 61C>T R21W Tolerated
Chr2:165735207G/C SCN3A 362C>G A121G Damaging
Chr2:178905886C/T OSBPL6 529C>T R177X -
Chr3:109658364C/T MYH15 2137G>A G713R Damaging
Chr3:129258301T/G SEC61A1 280T>G L94V Damaging
Chr4:6670038G/A MAN2B2 2732G>A R911H Tolerated
Chr6:28336272A/G NKAPL 1144A>G S382G Damaging
Chr7:2599270C/T IQCE 1333C>T R445X -
Chr7:43813258G/A BLVRA 790G>A G264S Tolerated
Chr8:76091857G/T CRISPLD1 950G>T C317F Damaging
Chr9:33301117G/A NFX1 1240G>A G414R Damaging
Chr10:17777173T/C STAM 364T>C Y122H Damaging
Chr10:99328071C/T ANKRD2 274C>T R92W Damaging
Chr11:6368506-6368518del SMPD1 102-114del L35WfsX72 -
Chr11:92170718A/T FAT3 4894A>T M1632L Not scored
Chr11:116661033A/T RNF214 2068A>T T690S Not scored
Chr12:1854754C/T CACNA2D4 1730G>A G577E Damaging
Chr12:5902149C/A ANO2 93G>T Q31H Damaging
Chr12:25289551C/A KRAS 35G>T G12V Damaging
Chr14:19598288-19598307del OR4L1 245-264del I82TfsX104 -
Chr15:32142462G/A CHRM5 252G>A M84I Damaging
Chr15:83002258G/C NMB 130C>G H44D Tolerated
Chr17:11543819G/A DNAH9 4919G>A R1640Q Tolerated
Chr17:41416912C/G MAPT 905C>G T302R Damaging
Chr18:42815392C/T TCEB3B 242G>A R81Q Tolerated
Chr18:46845916C/T SMAD4 1081C>T R361C Damaging
Chr20:25405049-25405055del NINL 2872-2878del W958HfsX960 -
  1. aReference allele/mutated allele.