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Table 3 Resources with information connecting proteins and drugs

From: Getting personalized cancer genome analysis into the clinic: the challenges in bioinformatics

Name Details URL
ChEBI (Chemical Entities of Biological Interest) Contains more than half a million chemical compounds classified according to their biological activity
DrugBank Contains detailed chemical, pharmacological and pharmaceutical data linked with information on the sequence, structure and pathways of potential targets. The database contains information on almost 500 drugs
Resources from Peer Bork's group, including STITCH, SuperDrug, SuperNatural and SuperTarget/Matador Bork's group has developed a number of systems that help link drugs to their protein and genomic targets, including data on adverse drug effects and symptoms
PharmGKB Repository linking genomic information on 2,500 genetic variants with clinical data derived from pharmacogenomics studies, and the corresponding diseases and phenotypes
TTD (Therapeutic Target Database) Contains data for relations between 2,000 targets and more than 15,000 drugs, including information extracted from clinical trials