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Table 1 Common SNPs across the IL28B gene region and their haplotypes

From: Pharmacogenomics of hepatitis C infections: personalizing therapy

Location SNP Haplotype
   1a 2b 3 4a 5 6
5' rs7248668 G A G G G G
5' rs8099917c T G T T T T
5' rs8109886 C A A A A A
5', CpG rs4803221 C G C C C G
5', CpG rs12979860c C T T C T T
Exon 2 rs8103142 T C C T C C
Intron 2 rs11881222 A G G A A G
3' rs688187 G A A G A A
3' rs8105790 T C C T T C
3' rs12982533 T C C T T C
3' rs12980275 A G G A A G
OR (95% CI) 0.70
%CEU (CHC) 43.2 23.8 10.3 9.8 1.9 1.4
  1. aHighest sustained viral response. bCausal haplotype; lowest sustained viral response. cSNPs currently used for genotyping to decide CHC treatment. Odds ratio (OR) and percentage of haplotypes in chronic hepatitis C (CHC) in patients of European descent (CEU) are from Smith et al. [20]. CI, confidence interval.