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Table 3 Differential regulatory activity of prognostic miRNAs on the 14q32 locus

From: MicroRNA paraffin-based studies in osteosarcoma reveal reproducible independent prognostic profiles at 14q32

Differentially activated miRNA Gene target prediction Activity/enrichment assessment P
hsa-miR-758 TargetScan RE score 0.031
hsa-miR-299 TargetScan RE score 0.034
hsa-miR-299-3p TargetScan RE score 0.034
hsa-miR-493 Pita RE score 0.022
hsa-miR-323-5p Pita RE score 0.025
hsa-miR-411* miRanda GSA 0.005
hsa-miR-379* miRanda GSA 0.020
hsa-miR-139-5p miRanda GSA 0.005
hsa-miR-539 miRanda GSA 0.047
hsa-miR-616* miRanda GSA 0.010
hsa-miR-493* miRanda GSA 0.025
hsa-miR-323-3p miRanda GSA 0.010
hsa-miR-382 miRanda GSA 0.040
  1. Using the regulatory effects scoring method with three different miRNA target prediction algorithms and miRanda-based GSA analysis, differentially activated miRNAs associated with recurrence were identified. Listed are those differentially activated miRNAs at 14q32 whose expression levels are associated with recurrence (P < 0.05). GSA, Gene Set Expression comparison Analyses; RE, Regulatory Effect