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Table 2 Drug disposition genes and adverse drug reactions

From: Pharmacogenomics of adverse drug reactions

Gene Reaction Drug Type of study Reference(s)
Phase I drug metabolism
CYP2B6 Skin rash Nevirapine Candidate gene [29]
Phase II drug metabolism
NAT2 DILI Isoniazid Candidate gene [100110]
UGT1A DILI Tolcapone Candidate gene [56]
UGT2B7 DILI Diclofenac Candidate gene [57]
UGT1A DILI Various GWA [18]
Drug transporters
SLCO1B1 Myopathy Simvastatin GWA [48]
ABCB11 DILI Various Candidate gene [60]
ABCC2 DILI Diclofenac Candidate gene [57]
  DILI Various Candidate gene [63]
  DILI Various GWA [18]
  1. DILI, drug-induced liver injury; GWA, genome-wide association.