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Table 2 Comparison with association data from previous studies on the same specimen.

From: Identification and MS-assisted interpretation of genetically influenced NMR signals in human plasma

Locus   Mass spectrometry Targeted, quantitative[3, 4] Mass spectrometry Non-targeted, semi-quantitative[5] NMR Lipid subclasses[13] NMR Ratios between chemical shifts(this study)
GCKR Trait Pc ae C34:2/Pc aa C32:2 Glucose/Mannose L10 3.286 ppm/1.370 ppm
  SNP rs1260326, LD r2 = 0.93 rs780094 rs1260326, LD r2 = 0.93 rs780094
  P value P = 3.8x10-8 P = 4.9x10-32 P = 3.7x10-6 P = 2.8x10-15
CPS1 Trait Glycine/PC aa C38:2 Asparagine/Glycine   3.599 ppm/2.475 ppm
  SNP rs2216405 rs2216405 (locus not reported) rs2216405
  P value P = 1.9x10-30 P = 9.8x10-21   P = 1.8x10-19
PYROXD2 Trait   Saccharin/Threonine   2.757 ppm/2.755 ppm
  SNP (locus not reported) rs4488133 (locus not reported) rs4488133
  P value   P = 0.00021   P = 2.9x10-94
FADS1 Trait PC aa C36:3/PC aa C36:4 1-arachidonoylglycero-phosphoethanolamine/1-linoleoylglycero-phosphoethanolamine L4 2.801 ppm/2.017 ppm
  SNP rs174547 rs174547 rs174546, LD r2 = 1.0 rs174547
  P value P = 6.5x10-179 P = 1.2x10-80 P = 1.4x10-5 P = 1.1x10-94
APOA1 Trait PC aa C36:2/PC aa C38:1 1-oleoglycerol/Oleamide L8 4.162 ppm/4.082 ppm
  SNP rs964184, LD r2 = 0.61 rs3741298 rs964184, LD r2 = 0.61 rs3741298
  P value P = 1.8x10-10 P = 4.3x10-7 P = 4.8x10-12 P = 1.8x10-14
LIPC Trait PCaa C38:6 1-palmitoylglycero-phosphoethanolamine L5 1.068 ppm/1.029 ppm
  SNP rs4775041 rs4775041 rs1532085, LD r2 = 0.55 rs4775041
  P value P = 9.7x10-8 P = 8.7x10-7 P = 5.3x10-11 P = 3.6x10-21
CETP Trait   Guanosine/Phenylacetylglutamine L3 2.211 ppm/2.011 ppm
  SNP (locus not reported) rs247617 rs3764261, LD r2 = 1.0 rs247617
  P value   P = 0.00039 P = 3.6x10-7 P = 1.1x10-18
  1. Association data from previous GWAS for the loci reported in this study are reported either on the same SNP, or, if a different SNP was reported, the correlation with the SNP in linkage disequilibrium (r2 LD) is given (based on HapMap, release #27, phases I, II, III, CEU population).