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Table 3 Spearmancorrelations between NMR intensities and metabolic traits determined by MS and clinical biochemistry.

From: Identification and MS-assisted interpretation of genetically influenced NMR signals in human plasma

Locus SNP Chemical shift (ppm) Metabolite rs2 Chemical shifts for ratios (ppm) Metabolite or Metabolite ratios rs2
GCKR rs780094 1.370 Triglyceride 0.62 3.286/1.370 Glucose/Triglyceride 0.42
CPS1 rs2216405 3.599 Glycine 0.22 3.599/2.475 Glycine/Tryptophan 0.29
PYROXD2 rs4488133 2.757 Total cholesterol 0.64 2.757/2.755 Total cholesterol/Triglyceride 0.26
FADS1 rs174547 2.801 PC aa C38:5 0.48 2.801/2.017 PC aa C38:5/
PC aa C36:3
APOA1 rs3741298 2.038 Triglyceride 0.73 4.162/4.082 Lactate/Triglyceride 0.60
LIPC rs4775041 1.283 PC aa C36:1 0.42 1.068/1.029 4-methyl-2-oxopentanoate/Total cholesterol 0.21
CETP rs247617 3.259 HDL cholesterol 0.55 2.211/2.011 HDL cholesterol 0.68
  1. The 'Metabolite' and 'Metabolite ratios' columns list the MS and biochemically determined metabolites (or ratios thereof) that correlate best at the chemical shift positions (or ratios) identified in the GWAS.
  2. ppm: parts per million.