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Table 3 Evaluation of the suitability of ISOpure and other expression deconvolution methods for clinical use.a.b

From: Computational purification of individual tumor gene expression profiles leads to significant improvements in prognostic prediction

Method Estimates individual cancer profiles Uses unmatched normal tissues Requires minimal additional data Tested on clinical data
ISOpure Yes Yes Yes Yes
ISOLATE [14] No NA Yes No
Erkkila [28] No NA Yes No
Lahdeskmaki [27] No NA Yes No
Venet [26] No NA Yes No
Tolliver [31] No NA Yes No
Ghosh [29] No Yes No No
Shen-Orr [30] No NA No No
Bar-Joseph [32] No NA No No
Wang [21] No NA No No
Stuart [20] No NA No No
Gosink [34] Yes No Yes No
Clarke [33] Yes No Yes No
  1. aMethods require minimal additional data if they do not require mixing proportions of normal and cancer cells for each input tumor sample for deconvolution.
  2. bNA, not applicable; No, negative assessment; Yes, positive assessment.