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Table 1 List of HUGO Statements

From: The Human Genome Organisation: towards next-generation ethics

HUGO Ethics Committee (now called the Committee on Ethics, Law and Society)
1995/6 Statement on the Principled Conduct of Genetics Research [3]
1998 Statement on DNA Sampling: Control and Access [3]
1999 Statement on Cloning [3]
2000 Statement on Benefit-Sharing [3]
2001 Statement on Gene Therapy Research [3]
2002 Statement on Human Genomic Databases [3]
2004 Statement on Stem Cells [3]
2007 Statement on Pharmacogenomics (PGx): Solidarity, Equity, and Governance [4]
2013 Imagined Futures: Capturing the Benefits of Genome Sequencing for Society (unpublished)
HUGO Intellectual Property Committee
1995 HUGO Statement on the Patenting of DNA Sequences [7]
1997 Statement on Patenting Issues Related to Early Release of Raw Sequence Data [4]
2000 Statement on Patenting of DNA Sequences in Particular Response to the European Biotechnology Directive [4]
2003 Statement on the Scope of Gene Patents Research Exemption, and Licensing of Patented Gene Sequences for Diagnostics [4]
  1. HUGO, Human Genome Organisation.