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Table 4 Summary of module characterization and trait association

From: Genes and pathways underlying regional and cell type changes in Alzheimer's disease

Module Characterization Trait association
Black Astrocyte Up with AD
Blue Mitochondria, neuron Down with AD
Brown Pyramidal neuron Down with AD duration, down with AD, enriched CA3
Cyan Glutatmatergic synapse, neuron Down with AD, down with age, enriched in CA3
Green Astrocyte (and other glia), cell death? Up with AD
Green-yellow Ribosome, oligodendrocyte ---
Grey60 Microglia (M8)? Up with AD
Light cyan Astrocyte Enriched in CA1
Light green Microglia (M10) Enriched in CA1, up with NFTs in CT, up with AD
Light yellow Pval+ interneuron Down with AD, enriched in CA1
Magenta Pyramidal neuron Down with AD, enriched CA3
Midnight blue Heat shock Up with AD, down with PMI, batch, Brain Bank
Pink Many mixed categories ---
Purple Choroid plexus, extracellular signaling ---
Red Oligodendrocyte, ribosome Up with age
Salmon Glia? Up with AD
Tan Neuron? Down with age
Turquoise Signal transduction ---
Yellow Transcription, M9h Up with AD duration, up with AD
  1. For each module, summary characterizations and trait associations are presented (as described in the text). Module characterizations in bold were confirmed in [46]. Trait associations in normal font were found in this study only, those in italics were found in previous studies only, and those in bold were found in both previous studies as well as this study.