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Table 2 Genomics firms taxonomy

From: The emergence of commercial genomics: analysis of the rise of a biotechnology subsector during the Human Genome Project, 1990 to 2004

Category Description
AGRIVET Agriculture and veterinary genomics
DATABSE Database creation, subscription, or licensing
DNASEQN DNA sequencing
DNATEST DNA testing service, clinical or diagnostic screening
DRUGDEV Drug, biologic, and vaccine development
GENEFNL Gene function and functional genomics; characterization of genes and their products
GENEMAP Gene mapping; linkage, association studies; SNP discovery, use and analysis
GENEPOP Genetic epidemiology; population studies
GENETFR Gene transfer and gene therapy; vectors for gene therapy
GENEXPR Gene expression analysis; microarray analysis; analysis of siRNAs and other regulation element
IDNTFCN DNA forensics, DNA identification service
INFRMTX Bioinformatics for DNA analysis; data mining
INSTRMT Instruments for DNA analysis
LEGLSVC Legal services; privacy protection
PHRMGEN Pharmacogenetics or pharmacogenomics
STANDRD Setting standards, testing service benchmarks
SUPPLYR Genomics reagents supplier; microarray manufacturer; service provider
TRSTFND Trust fund or genomics capital source
SYNBIOL Synthetic biology