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Figure 3

From: Adenosine-to-inosine RNA editing and human disease

Figure 3

ADAR-mediated editing sites of the mammalian 5-HT 2C R, serotonin receptor. In the 5-HT2CR pre-mRNA, exon 5 (black text) is bound to the untranslated intron 5 (gray text) and contains ADAR-mediated editing sites A to E (colored in red, blue or purple). Sites A and B (red) are edited selectively by ADAR1 and can produce four codons that encode three distinct amino acids (red box). Site D (blue) is edited preferentially by ADAR2 and can produce two codons that encode two distinct amino acids (blue box). Sites C and E (purple) can be edited by either ADAR1 or ADAR2 and can produce four codons that encode four distinct amino acids (purple box). Editing of these sites can cause various amino acid substitutions, detailed in boxes below the RNA segment. Editing of these sites affects G-protein coupling and serotonin sensitivity. Modified from [36] with permission (RNA Biology).

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