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Figure 1

From: Efficiency of whole genome amplification of single circulating tumor cells enriched by CellSearch and sorted by FACS

Figure 1

Flow-cytometric analysis of CellSearch-enriched circulating tumor cells and real-time whole genome amplification of single-sorted leukocytes and circulating tumor cells. Panels (A) and (B) show the sort gates to identify and sort single CTC, single leukocytes and beads. Panels (C) (Table 1, patient 7), (E) (Table 1, patient 1) and (G) (Table 1, patient 2) show the analysis and sort gates of three patients with lung cancer. Panels (D), (F) and (H) show the corresponding real-time DNA amplification of the individual sorted cells. The curves show the Evagreen fluorescence of the whole genome amplification reaction mixes in time. APC = allophycocyanin, PE = phycoerythrin, SSC = sidescatter.

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