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Figure 1

From: Asthmatics with exacerbation during acute respiratory illness exhibit unique transcriptional signatures within the nasal mucosa

Figure 1

Study design, clinical characteristics and methods summary. (A) Naturally acquired upper respiratory infection study design. (B) Select clinical characteristics measured during the study period by group. All points depict mean ± SD. **P ≤ 0.01, ***P ≤0.001. All groups, ††Allrg Rhin, Asm NoEx and Asm Ex only, †††Asm Ex only, αAsm Ex versus Healthy and Asm NoEx at D2, βAsm Ex versus Healthy and Allrg Rhin at D6. Demographic data of study population is outlined in Table 1. (C) Summary of the methods employed to determine the transcriptional profiles characterizing the peak, reduction and resolution of acute respiratory illness. ARI, acute respiratory disease; BL, baseline, D2/6, day 2/6; NO, nitric oxide; PCA, principle component analysis.

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