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Table 1 Microarray datasets used in this study

From: Transcriptional dissection of pancreatic tumors engrafted in mice

  Pancreas Liver
  Samples GEO accession Samples GEO accession
PDX models 53 GSE9599[21], GSE51798 42 GSE6465[26]
Cell lines 41 (11 repeated) GSE17891[25], GSE21654[24] 32 (5 repeated) GSE6465[26], GSE36133[27]
Primary Tumors 53 GSE15471[22], GSE16515[23], GSE51798 108 GSE6465[26], GSE6222[28], GSE9843[2931]
  1. Number of samples and GEO accession for all datasets used in the study to create gene expression spaces. The new dataset that was generated in this study is indicated in bold.