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Figure 5

From: Early aberrant DNA methylation events in a mouse model of acute myeloid leukemia

Figure 5

Hypermethylation of PU.1 target genes in AML samples. (A-D) Validation of four PU.1 target genes, BCOR (A), HES6 (B), TAL1 (C) and ITPKA (D), by MassARRAY in human AML samples compared to healthy granulocytes (HG) and CD34+ cells. For details, refer to the legend of Figure 3. Median methylation values in AML samples are as followed: BCOR, 4.6%; HES6 amplicon 1, 5.6%; HES6 amplicon 2, 49.7%; TAL1 amplicon 1, 4.2%; TAL1 amplicon 2, 4.6%; ITPKA, 5.9% (*P < 0.05, ***P <0.001).

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