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Table 1 Genomic loci implicated in Parkinson’s disease by genome-wide association analyses

From: Genetics and genomics of Parkinson’s disease

Gene Chr Associated SNP/locus Genes within locusa Odds ratio [95% CI] P-value
GBA 1q21 N370S TRIM46, MUC1, MIR92B, THBS3, GBAP1-GBA-FAM189B, SCAMP3, CLK2, HCN3, PKLR 3.37 [2.67-4.29] 1.11E-24
SYT11/RAB25 1q21 chr1:154105678 MIR7851, UBQLN4, LAMTOR2-RAB25-MEX3A, LMNA 1.67 [1.41-1.98] 5.70E-09
PM20D1 1q32 rs11240572 NUCK1-RAB7L1-SLC41A1, PM20D1 0.74 [0.69-0.80] 1.01E-14
STK39 2q24 rs2102808 STK39 1.28 [1.19-1.38] 1.54E-11
MCCC1/LAMP3 3q27 rs11711441 MCCC1-LAMP3-MCF2L2 0.84 [0.80-0.89] 8.72E-12
BST1 4p15 rs4698412 FAM200B-BST1 0.87 [0.83-0.91] 2.28E-10
GAK/DGKQ 4p16 rs1564282 CPLX1-GAK-TMEM175-DGKQ-SLC26A1, IDUA, FGFRL1 1.29 [1.20-1.38] 6.54E-13
SNCA 4q21 rs356220 SNCA-MMRN1 1.30 [1.25-1.34] 3.06E-49
HLA-DRB5 6p21 rs2395163 HLA-DRB5-HLA-DRB1, HLA-DRB6 0.75 [0.68-0.84] 2.90E-07
GPNMB 7p15 rs156429 GPNMB-MALSU1-IGF2BP3 0.89 [0.86-0.93] 2.69E-10
LRRK2 12q12 rs34778348 SLC2A13-LRRK2-MUC19, CNTN1 2.23 [1.89-2.63] 2.97E-21
CCDC62/HIP1R 12q24 rs12817488 DENR-HIP1R-VPS37B, ABCB9, OGFOD2, 1.17 [1.09-1.25] 2.99E-06
MAPT/STH 17q21 H1H2, 900kb inversion ARHGAP27, PLEKHM1, CRHR1, SPPL2C-MAPT-STH, KANSL1, LRRC37A, NSFP1, ARL17A/B 0.78 [0.75-0.80] 3.54E-52
  1. Chr, chromosomal band; CI, confidence interval. aGenes within 100 kb of the most significantly associated SNP annotated from the UCSC genome browser (hg19). Odds ratios and P-values are the most significant findings from the PDGene database [150].