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Figure 3

From: Development and validation of a new high-throughput method to investigate the clonality of HTLV-1-infected cells based on provirus integration sites

Figure 3

Preparing the control system. (A) The control system was designed by mixing sonicated genomic DNA (gDNA) of TL-Om1 with that of an ATL patient in proportions of 50:50 and 90:10. TL-Om1 is a standard ATL cell line with 100% PVL and a known single integration site at (chr1:121251270(-)). The patient sample was from an acute type of ATL with 100% PVL and a single integration site at (chr 12:94976747(-)). (B) The expected clonality patterns: (50% vs. 50%), (90% vs. 10%), and (10% vs. 90%) were generated by mixing gDNA from an ATL sample with that from TL-Om1. (C, D) Full details of the first trial’s and the second trial’s samples including: name of samples, total amount of DNA (μg), the amount of DNA (μg) from TL-Om1 (T) vs. major clone (M), and expected clone size are provided. (E) Integration site position of TL-Om1 and the major clone of ATL sample.

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