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Table 2 Enrichment of disease and drug classes in network communities

From: Molecularly and clinically related drugs and diseases are enriched in phenotypically similar drug-disease pairs

Community Drug ATC Anatomical main group Disease MeSH class
7 - Parasitic diseases
16 - Digestive system diseases
17 Antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents Immune system diseases
  Musculo-skeletal system Bacterial infections and mycoses
18 Sensory organs Eye diseases
   Virus diseases
25 - Stomatognathic diseases
28 Genito urinary system and sex hormones Endocrine system diseases
  Systemic hormonal preparations excluding sex hormones Female urogenital diseases and pregnancy complications
   Male urogenital diseases
32 Nervous system Nervous system diseases
   Mental disorders
   Nutritional and metabolic diseases
37 Blood and blood forming organs Hemic and lymphatic diseases
   Female urogenital diseases and pregnancy complications
   Male urogenital diseases
38 - Respiratory tract infections
39 - Mental disorders
41 - Nervous system diseases
51 - Endocrine system diseases
52 - Neoplasms
53 - Nutritional and metabolic diseases
56 - Nutritional and metabolic diseases
   Digestive system diseases
57 - Skin and connective tissue diseases
59 - Endocrine system diseases
   Musculoskeletal diseases
60 - Stomatognathic diseases
   Musculoskeletal diseases
62 - Nutritional and metabolic diseases
   Respiratory tract diseases
   Bacterial infections and mycoses
63 - Otorhinolaryngologic diseases
   Eye diseases
64 Dermatologicals Skin and connective tissue diseases
  1. Entries in italics denote drug and disease classes of the same anatomical area enriched in the same community.