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Figure 5

From: VISPA: a computational pipeline for the identification and analysis of genomic vector integration sites

Figure 5

Pipeline results for the MLD and WAS clinical trials. (A) Histogram plot of sequence reads for each patient showing the decrease in absolute number of reads after the demultiplexing and trimming steps. (B) Bar plot of the relative percentage of raw reads passing the trimming step (in green) and filtered reads by length (blue bar) or invalid LTR reads (red bar) for each patient. (C) Effect on the frequency distribution of the length of raw reads after trimming for two datasets obtained from two GT patients (MLD01 and WAS1001). (D) Bar plot of the relative percentage of aligned reads for each patient: the input sequences are the trimmed reads, whereas the resulting subsets from the alignment step are LV, U, A, and N.

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