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Table 2 Performance examples of VariantDB

From: VariantDB: a flexible annotation and filtering portal for next generation sequencing data

Sample Filters Number of resulting variants Number of annotations First runa Second runb
Exome (77 K variants) De novo, exonic , five quality thresholds 859 31 8 s 6 s
Exome (78 K variants) Five quality thresholds, SnpEff high/moderate impact 1,007 110 14 s 8 s
Exome (78 K variants) Nonec 78,423 110 12 s 11 s
  1. aResults are retrieved from the database, and cached for future use. bResults are retrieved from cache. cNo filters are specified. As only the first 100 variants, ordered by genomic position, are initially presented, runtime is not significantly larger.