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Table 2 Mean coefficients of variation of coverage with respects to the different regions

From: Reducing INDEL calling errors in whole genome and exome sequencing data

  Exonic targeted regions WGS-WES intersection INDEL regions WGS-specific INDEL regions WES-specific INDEL regions
WGS 39.4% (1.9%) 47.2% (3.0%) 75.3% (5.7%) 56.1% (9.6%)
WES 109.3% (1.5%) 96.8% (3.2%) 281.5% (13.3%) 117.4% (22.8%)
  1. Exonic targeted regions means the exons that the exome capture kit was designed to pull down and enrich. WGS-WES intersection INDELs means the INDELs called from both WGS and WES data. WGS-specific INDELs means the INDELs only called from the WGS data while WES-specific INDELs means the INDELs only called from the WES data. The standard deviation is shown in parenthesis.