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Table 3 Knockout mouse phenotypes observed for the predicted, speculative biomarker candidates

From: Linking hypothetical knowledge patterns to disease molecular signatures for biomarker discovery in Alzheimer’s disease

S No, Name of the candidate Mutation category Observed effect on the nervous system
1 LRP8 Targeted (knockouts) Abnormal neuronal migration, abnormal brain development abnormal rostral migratory stream morphology, abnormal hippocampus development
2 CTSB Targeted (knockouts) Abnormal neuron apoptosis, abnormal hippocampus pyramidal cell layer gliosis neuron degeneration, Purkinje cell degeneration
3 GRM1 Targeted (knockouts) Reduced long-term potentiation, reduced long-term depression
4 LDLR Targeted (knockouts) Abnormal CNS glial cell morphology, abnormal microglial cell morphology, abnormal astrocyte morphology, amyloid beta deposits, abnormal synaptic bouton