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Table 1 Summary of shared malaria genes overexpressed in three in vivo patient samples a

From: Plasmodium falciparumgene expression measured directly from tissue during human infection

Category Number Description b Gene names
Gametocyte/Mosquito 10 Maximal expression during gametocyte or mosquito stages PFA0425c, PFC0581w, PFC0755c, MAL7P1.64, MAL7P1.109, PF10_0169, PF10_0204, PF11_0163, PF13_0350, PF14_0031
Trophozoite/Schizont 10 Maximal in vitro expression during late trophozoite or schizont stage PFA0210c, PFI0810c, PFI1445w, PF10_0268, PF10_0330, PF11_0048, PF11_0156, PF11_0183, PFL1565c, PF14_0366
In vivo expressed 7 Genes with less than 100 RPKM for any stage in vitro PFC0005w, PFI1600w, PFI1830c, PF11_0203, PFL1010c, PFL1195w, PF14_0363
Ribosomal 6 Ribosomal or putative ribosomal proteins PFC0535w, PF11_0043, PF11_0106, PF13_0171, PF13_0213, PF14_0027
Other 6 Maximal expression during ring/early trophozoite stage, or conflicting stage data PFE1370w, PF11_0111, PF11_0224, PF14_0277, PF14_0359, PF14_0437
  1. aThree parasite samples from each of three patients were compared with 11 in vitro microarray time points with highest correlation to each patient [4].
  2. bLife cycle stages of maximal expression were assigned based on microarray and RNAseq data available from
  3. RPKM: reads per kilobase per million mapped reads.