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Table 2 Databases of virus-host protein-protein interactions and drug-targets

From: Virus-host interactomics: new insights and opportunities for antiviral drug discovery

VH PPI databases
Name (reference) Description VH interactions Search date
IntAct/MINT [[87]] Open-data molecular-interaction database populated by data curated either from the literature or from direct data depositions 5,717 (query performed through IMEx single entry-point) July 2014
DIP [[88]] Database that catalogs experimentally determined protein interactions that are either curated or computationally extracted
Uniprot [[89]] Protein sequence reference database. Among numerous annotations are listed some binary protein interactions quality-filtered from IntAct
VirusMentha [[51]] Resource that specifically captures and presents interactions between viral and host proteins curated by databases that are part of the IMEx consortium 5,846 October 2014
VirHostNet [[52]] Knowledge base dedicated to literature- and database-curated interactions between viral and human proteins 3,113 July 2014
Drug-target databases
Name (reference) Description Drugs Targets Search date
DrugBank [[90]] High-quality knowledgebase. Provides extensive information on drugs, their mechanisms of action and their associations with targets 7,739 4,092 July 2014
Therapeutic Target Database [[91]] Conceptually similar to DrugBank. Provides links between primary therapeutic targets and their corresponding drugs 20,667 2,360 July 2014
ChEMBL [[92]] Large-scale database dedicated to the description of biological activities of numerous chemical entities with drug-like properties, manually curated from the medicinal chemistry literature 1,359,508 9,414 July 2014
  1. Abbreviations: IMEx International Molecular Exchange, PPI protein-protein interaction, VH virus-host.