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Table 3 Biotechnology companies working on the drugs against host targets and virus-host protein-protein interations

From: Virus-host interactomics: new insights and opportunities for antiviral drug discovery

Company Web site Location Viral application Stage Mode of action
Inhikibase Therapeutics Atlanta (GA, USA) Polyomaviruses, HCV, HBV, smallpox virus, ebola virus, RSV, rhinovirus NC NC
Forge Life Science Doyleston (PA, USA) JCV, BKV, CMV, seasonal flu Research Enhances the innate role of human sirtuins
Ciclofilin Pharmaceuticals San Diego (CA, USA) HCV/HBV/HIV co-infection Preclinical Inhibitors of cyclophilin
Gemmus Pharma San Francisco (CA, USA) FLUAV NC Agonist of a G protein-coupled receptor
Springbank Pharmaceuticals Milford (MA, USA) HCV and HBV Phase 1 Activates RIG1 and NOD2
iTherX San Diego (CA, USA) HCV (liver transplant) Phase 1 Entry inhibitors
Prosetta Biosciences San Francisco (CA, USA) HCV, FLUAV, HIV1, RABV SAR Targets viral capsid host protein interaction
OyaGen Inc Rochester (NY, USA) HIV1 Pre-clinical APOBEC3G activation and Vif-APOBEC3G interaction
Microbiotix Worcester (MA, USA) Ebola virus Discovery Targets NPC1-glycoprotein interaction
Enyo Pharma Lyon (France) HBV, FLUAV, Ebola virus Lead optimization NC
Scynexis Durham (NC, USA) HCV Phase 2 Inhibitors of cyclophilin
Vectura Germany and UK Severe FLUAV Phase 2 Inhibitor of NF-κB
Novartis Multinational HCV Phase 2 and 3 Cyclophilin A-NS5A interaction
  1. Abbreviations: BKV BK virus, HBV hepatitis B virus. HCV hepatitis C virus, CMV cytomegalovirus, FLUAV influenza A virus, JCV John Cunningham virus, NC not communicated; RABV, rabies virus; RSV, respiratory syncytial virus.