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Table 1 Functional enrichment of network modules

From: Higher gene expression variability in the more aggressive subtype of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

  Genes Top enriched terms Highly connected genes
Module 1 135 Cell death, cell differentiation and development BCL2L1, PRKCA
Module 2 261 Ribosome, translation LMO2, NR3C1, POU2F1, RARA, RBPJ, RPL14, YY1
Module 3 160 Signal transduction, cell communication, membrane, protein kinase activity, phosphorylation ARHGEF6, BCL3, CAV1, CRK, FGFR1
Module 4 151 Transcription factor activity, DNA binding, gene expression CCL2, JUND, STAT1
Module 5 179 Cell cycle ATF2, CCNB2, CDC20, CDC25A, CREB1, E2F4, ESR1, FOXM1, MIKI67, MYC, POU2F2, RBL2, SP3, TYMS, UBE2C, VRK1
  1. The first column shows the number of genes contained in every module of the network. The second column shows the top terms for which the corresponding module is enriched. The last column lists highly connected genes (degree ≥35) of the corresponding module ordered alphabetically.