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Table 1 RNA-seq datasets used in this study

From: Activation of an endogenous retrovirus-associated long non-coding RNA in human adenocarcinoma

Server Dataset ID Description Download host
SRA SRP010181 Colorectal cancer tumor matched normal libraries (n = 130) [29]
CGhub Various Twenty-five different cancers and normal tissues (n = 7,677) from TCGA [30]
GEO GSE40419 Lung adenocarcinoma tumor matched normal libraries (n = 144) [31]
GEO GSE30611 Human Bodymap 2.0 representing 16 normal human tissues [31]
ENCODE Various Fastq files from 15 different cell lines, replicates downloaded where available [32]
SRA SRP008280 Triplicate control K562 cell RNA-seq [29]
  1. GEO, Gene Expression Omnibus; SRA, Sequence Read Archive; TCGA The Cancer Genome Atlas.