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Table 2 Gene ontology terms involved in the phenotypic difference between resistant and sensitive cell lines

From: Molecular insight into thiopurine resistance: transcriptomic signature in lymphoblastoid cell lines

GO ref GO term Genes (n) Fold enrichment P value Benjamini corrected P value  
GO:0022613 Ribonucleoprotein complex biogenesis 27 3.53 4.17E-08 9.26E-05 RNA processes
GO:0006396 RNA processing 52 2.24 9.74E-08 1.08E-04
GO:0034660 ncRNA metabolic process 29 2.97 4.99E-07 3.69E-04
GO:0042254 Ribosome biogenesis 20 3.86 8.66E-07 4.81E-04
GO:0034470 ncRNA processing 23 2.89 1.44E-05 3.99E-03
GO:0022402 Cell cycle process 49 2.04 3.45E-06 1.53E-03 Cell cycle
GO:0007049 Cell cycle 60 1.82 8.61E-06 3.18E-03
GO:0000279 M phase 33 2.36 1.08E-05 3.41E-03
GO:0022403 Cell cycle phase 38 2.16 1.54E-05 3.79E-03
GO:0000278 Mitotic cell cycle 35 2.23 1.91E-05 4.24E-03
  1. Significance level Benjamini corrected P value <0.01.
  2. List of genes represented by these terms is presented in Additional file 1: Table S6.