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Figure 2

From: Human phenotype ontology annotation and cluster analysis to unravel genetic defects in 707 cases with unexplained bleeding and platelet disorders

Figure 2

Platelet characteristics of the BRIDGE-BPD study index cases. (A, B) The relationship between PLT and MPV in femtolitre (fL) in male and female index cases. The crosses indicate index cases with greater than four (males) or greater than five (females) bleeding symptoms. The circles indicate index cases with fewer bleeding symptoms. NA: not available - cases in which large platelets were identified by the enrolling clinician but the MPV was not recorded. (C) Heat map showing the results of light transmission aggregation tests with the indicated activating agonists, classified as normal or abnormal by the enrolling clinician. The numbers in brackets indicate the number of index cases tested for each agonist. Cases are ordered by the number of abnormal or not done results across all six agonists. The bar above the heat map is colour-coded to indicate the enrolment centre for each case.

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