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Figure 2

From: Mutation signatures implicate aristolochic acid in bladder cancer development

Figure 2

Mutation spectra and strand bias of examples of cancers with and without evidence for AA exposure. (A,B) Bladder cancers (33324197T, B77). (C) Bladder cancer with statistically significant over-representation of A:T > T:A mutations and strand bias but with a pattern of trinucleotide contexts for A:T > T:A mutations notably dissimilar from tumors with known AA exposure (TCGA-K4-A6FZ-01A-11D-A31L-08). (D) HCC (HK41T). (E) For comparison, a bladder cancer (TCGA-FD-A6TE-01A-12D-A339-08) without evidence of AA exposure. Plotting conventions are as for FigureĀ 1. In total, 6 of 349 bladder cancers showed evidence of AA exposure (Figure S1 in Additional file 1).

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