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Table 2 Some prominent recent eQTL publications

From: Expression quantitative trait locus analysis for translational medicine

Reference Topic
Interaction effects
[108] Comprehensive two-locus interaction screen for epistatic eQTL effects
[109] Debate surrounding epistatic interactions described in [108]
[110] Interaction effects influencing allele-specific gene expression
[111] QTLs influencing the variance of gene expression
[49] Estimation of architecture of variance from pedigree studies
Chromatin and epigenetics
[112] Genetic and epigenetic regulation of lncRNA expression
[113] Role of histone modification and transcription factor binding on eQTL effects
[114] Identification of genetic variants influencing histone modification
[115] Role of methylation QTLs in modifying eQTL effects
[116] Contributions of methylation and expression QTLs in fibroblasts
Technical advances
[11] eQTL identification through RNA-seq plus whole-genome sequencing
[117] Joint eQTL and protein expression analysis
[118] eQTLs in ten regions of the human brain
Disease studies
[93] eQTLs for the immune response to tuberculosis
[94] eQTLs in childhood malaria and parasitemia
[95] Changes in blood eQTL profile associated with myocardial infarction
[119] eQTLs in COPD
[80] Cis-regulatory influences on gene expression in colorectal cancer
Perturbation studies and response eQTLs
[84] Conditional dependence of eQTLs in monocytes
[85] Conditional dependence of eQTLs in lymphocytes
[86] Conditional dependence of eQTLs in dendritic cells
[15] Monocyte- and lymphocyte-specific eQTLs across ethnicities
  1. COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, eQTL expression quantitative trait locus, lncRNA long noncoding RNA, RNA-seq RNA-sequencing