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Table 2 Numbers of genes in data sets and used in existing classifiers

From: Transferring genomics to the clinic: distinguishing Burkitt and diffuse large B cell lymphomas

  GSE4732_p1 GSE4475 Overlap
HGNC approved genes on platform 2411 12495 1913
Genes used in authors’ classifier 217 58 21
Classifier genes located in dataa 214 58 21
Classifier genes available in other data setb 172 28 -
  1. aWe were unable to locate all reported classifier genes in GSE4732_p1
  2. bDave et al. [30] classifier genes available in GSE4475 and Hummel classifier genes in GSE4732_p1
  3. HGNC: HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee, gene symbols from previous studies are checked and updated by HGNChelper package