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Fig. 4

From: ENVE: a novel computational framework characterizes copy-number mutational landscapes in colorectal cancers from African American patients

Fig. 4

Ability of ENVE in distinguishing germline copy-number variation from random inherent noise. Segments falling above or below the estimated noise thresholds in normal–normal comparisons are evaluated against segments that overlap with the corresponding genomic regions from tumor–tumor comparisons in AA CRC (a) and TCGA CRC WES (b) datasets. Shown are the Pearson correlation coefficients comparing normal–normal segmental LogRatios with corresponding matched tumor–tumor or random tumor–tumor segmental LogRatios. Note the genomic segments in normal–normal comparisons falling above noise thresholds show higher correlation with segments in corresponding matched tumor–tumor comparisons than with segments in random tumor–tumor comparisons. By contrast, genomic segments in normal–normal comparisons that fall below noise thresholds show no correlation with either matched or random tumor–tumor comparisons

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